Since the requirement for quality home theater gear has gone higher over the years, Yamaha Home Theater systems have come to be major contenders in the home theater arena, boasting Home Theater in a Box packages, simplifying things for users, yet leaving no lapse in surround audio quality.

Yamaha Home Theater systems acknowledge that the simple fact that surround sound is what defines the difference between a normal television program out of a home theater setup, and defines boundaries to just where a home theater can get to be.

Yamaha’s legendary performance comes with almost any Yamaha Home Theater in a Box system, together with home theater suites categorized into three major model divisions. The YHT, DTX, and DVX lineup of Yamaha models comprise Yamaha’s line of Yamaha Home Theater Systems, and all stand tall in functionality, quality and style, expected of any Yamaha surround sound speaker system.

Listed below are a few of the “famous” of Yamaha Home Theater systems.

Yamaha DVX-C700

Integrated using Advance YST technology, the Yamaha DVX-C700 packages a Yamaha home theater program capable of reading DVD and CD Digital Video formats. It supports Dolby Pro Logic II sound formats, in addition to DTS Digital Surround, and can handle DivX encoded websites.

With a total system power specification of 900 watts, a 5 disk changer system that leaves no room for hassle, iPod portable media support in addition to XM Satellite Radio harmonious, it isn’t really a wonder why this specific Yamaha Home Theater systems is popular.

With 6 channels for surround sound, the Yamaha YHT-280 is another high quality Yamaha Home Theater System. XM Satellite Radio compatible, DivX encoded media capable, and constructed with a Compressed Music Enhancer, versatility is the YHT-280’s thing.

With support for Dolby Pro Logic II, in addition to DTS Digital Surround, audio formats, it might read DVDs easy. Its QD-Bass Technology would leave listeners wondering exactly where the noise they are hearing is coming from. Its cupboard type form factor makes the entire package an attractive thing, which makes it an perfect centerpiece for a home theater system.

From the Yamaha Home Theater lineup, the YHT-280 is magnificent.

Built with an integrated YPAO Automatic Calibration system, the Yamaha DTX-5100 bundle could deal with Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 surround audio format types, also includes QD-Bass Technology supported.

As with all other Yamaha Home Theater systems, the Yamaha DTX-5100 boasts the most legendary Yamaha quality of surround sound and flexibility, capable of studying video or audio formats in DVD, DVD-R and Super Audio CD.

It includes XM Satellite Radio ready, and features an onscreen screen system, which makes the Yamaha Home Theater system a breeze to configure, setup and use.